to believe

merging spirit with science

Modern physics says reality reduces to information. Matter, and energy reduce to information. We are temporary information patterns fluttering like a flame in a cosmic ocean. We are very real to everything we interact with. When our body fails to support what we call consciousness, we leave behind an information pattern that lasts, and morphs in ways that are incomprehensible.

A friend said, “as long as we remember him, he’s still with us.” A star ship captain once said words to that effect at the loss of his dear friend.

Is there a coherent information pattern of first person awareness that can move from body to another? Does input, process, output exist in this space? Are we constrained to a 49 day time scale? How would memory of any of this work? Is there comfort to be found in this? Does a multiple lives perspective devalue life relative to a single life perspective?

Some unknowns are not testable by known science. Not all that counts can be counted.

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