to believe

merging spirit with science Modern physics says reality reduces to information. Matter, and energy reduce to information. We are temporary information patterns fluttering like a flame in a cosmic ocean. We are very real to everything we interact with. When our body fails to support what we call consciousness, we leave behind an information pattern …

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Who are you?

The origin story Early June, 2004, four tiny cat heads bounce along sticking out of a suitcase carried through Baltimore’s Patterson Park. A mama cat, and her three baby kittens scramble to see where they are, and where they are going. Passing the tennis courts at the outer edge, and heading farther into the park, …

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my teacher

What if an enlightened being lives in a cat? Unconditional love. That is what I learn from Duster more than anything. Losing the self through caring for the other. There are many other lessons learned through careful observation of a super human observer, but love beyond bounds is the most liberating. Curiosity over fear is …

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