Who is Russell Ramsland?

A 2016 Republican Congressional candidate who “has unique government experience from serving on Capitol Hill for Chairman George Mahon to working with the Reagan White House, NASA and MIT to develop new semi-conductor materials on the U.S. Space Shuttle for SDI” claims the security company he started in 2017 has breached electronic voting systems security.

The basic claim is his team was able to exploit remote database management, including full imports, and take over the full infrastructure by finding unsecured AWS keys.

Ramsland gives a mechanical overview of the voting system, the connections between the different sub-systems, points out the various weak points, and talks about some specific numbers examples that if true are of great concern.

So who is Russell Ramsland? Does he speak the truth, or is he a crack pot seeking attention?

He talks like he has sound technical knowledge, but is he credible? His company was founded in 2017, but his domain name was only registered Jan 2020, and his website is a $2 Godaddy special.

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